Monami Partakes in Paperworld Frankfurt 2018
Writer MONAMI I Date Mar-16-2018

Monami opens new export routes contributing increase of export 

International buyers hold active interest in fabric markers, SigmaFlo liquid white board markers & other marker products 

Monami booth offers free product hands-on zone

Monami (CEO Song Ha-kyoung) participated in Germany’s four-day Paperworld Frankfurt 2018, running from January 27th to the 30th.


This year’s Paperworld, the world’s largest paper and stationary global exhibition, was a smash success with more than 30,000 buyers in attendance from approximately 147 countries.


The Monami booth was comprised of different areas including the expo zone, hands-on zone and consultation zone. The expo zone was further categorized sub-stations, including Premium Writing Instruments, Play with Colors, Specialized & Innovative and School & Office.


The hands-on zone offered free products for on-site trial for visitors. The trial products include popular products available in domestic - Live Color DIY, 153 DIY, and Fabric Marker. It earned positive feedback from buyers who visit Monami booth. Meanwhile, the consultation zone provided visitors an opportunity to increase their understanding of products with the display modules prepared to get an idea of product quantity and design in a simple glance.


Among other featured Monami products, the issued products were fountain pen ink refill cartridge, premium ballpoint pen refill, FX 4000 and various multi-colored item sets including Plus Pen 3000, Plus Pen S, Live Color. All of the products received a lot of attention from visitors.


During the exhibition, over 300 buyers from approximately 61 countries, such as Europe and the Middle East, visited the Monami booth, expressing particularly active interest in marker products, featuring fabric markers and liquid white board markers.


A Monami official stated, “This was an excellent opportunity to have met our buyers in person to help solidify the trust they have in our brand. Among our current buyers, we also were able to establish some new relationships based in Europe and throughout the globe that could lead to an increase of exports with other potential buyers.”







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