Successfully Complete the Monami Global Conference 2018
Writer MONAMI I Date May-14-2018

Meeting with Overseas Buyers of 14 Countries 

Successfully Complete the Monami Global Conference 2018


- The 8th Global Conference held on April 23 for three days to reinvigorate the global market

- Overseas buyers are invited to Korea this year for the first time to visit the Monami headquarters and major facilities


Monami has successfully hosted the ‘2018 Monami Global Conference’ held for three days from April 23. 

Entering its 8th hosting year, Monami Global Conference targets major overseas clients to further its global presence and development in the global market. 

Monami has held its conferences in countries of major overseas clients until now, but this year it invited the global clients to the conference in Korea for the first time. Clients from 14 countries where Monami exports its stationery and office products were present for the conference and made visits to major facilities including the R&D Center at the headquarters and the concept stores.

Monami shared the current status of the stationery industry with participants and discussed market strategies for targeting each of the client countries. Particular focus was made on introducing the new products of new category and sophisticated writing supplies, including the 153 neo fountain pen and bottled ink which were designed to match the demand for hobbies of premium stationery trends, coloring, calligraphy, etc.

Buyers made visits to the R&D Center at Monami headquarters and the concept store, taking the time to experience the products and technology of Monami. At the concept store that was opened last year, they showed special interest in the Ink LAB experience which allowed them to make their own ink.

“Introducing the headquarters and major facilities to overseas buyers during the conference was a great opportunity to solidify the presence of Monami in each of the countries,” said an associate of Monami. He added, “Monami will more actively pursue the enlargement of our business sphere overseas from now on as the leading corporation of the stationery market in Korea.” 

At present, Monami has production factories and corporate bodies in Thailand and China, and is exporting stationery products and office supplies based on them.



Introduction of Monami

With the meaning of my friend in French, Monami started as Kwangshin Chemicals in the 1960s that manufactured painting supplies and went on to release the very first ballpoint pen of Korea, Monami 153, on May 1, 1963. 3.6 billion Monami 153 pens have been sold all over the world over 50 years, and when lined up, it is an amount that can go around the earth 12 times. The Brand created a storm in the stationery market with the release of Monami 153 Limited 1.0 Black in January 2014, and it went on to launch a series of sophisticated product lines including 153 ID, 153 Respect, 153 Neo, 153 Black and White, 153 Gold, 153 Neo Fountain Pen, etc. 




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