Monami launches twin brush pen for practicality
Writer MONAMI I Date Apr-24-2019

Perfect for a wide range of drawing activities, including calligraphy, coloring, and illustrations

Convenient rubber brush to help beginners make different-sized strokes with ease

Double brush pen that is highly practical

Water-absorbent quality enables colorful drawings when used with water-brushes and paint brushesMeeting with Overseas Buyers of 14 Countries




Monami has launched a new pen product that holds two types of brushes, called Color Twin Brush.


A multi-colored twin brush type pen with both thick and thin brushes on each end, anyone from beginners to professionals can use the Color Twin Brush easily for various applications, including calligraphy, coloring, and illustrations.


Its rubber-based brush not only simplifies pen management compared to writing brushes but also allows for easier pen pressure control, enabling beginners to use it without too much difficulty. As well, its water-based dye creates a water spreading effect, allowing for different forms of expression when used with water-brushes and paint brushes.


In addition, the thickness of strokes can be adjusted based on the pen pressure and pen angle, and you can create different degrees of light and shade by applying the same color several times. Brush nips can be dyed with different colors to achieve a gradient effect as well.


The sizes of the two brushes on both ends are 12.2mm and 7.8mm each, so the pen can be used for multiple purposes. A total of 18 colors are offered, in three nature-themed sets (flower, sea, and forest), with each set consisting of six colors. FLOWER set has Yellow, Pale Orange, Baby Pink, Pink, Orange, and Red while the SEA set has Mint Green, Sky Blue, Blue Celeste, Blue, Violet, and Gray, and the FOREST set has Light Green, Green, Peacock Green, Olive, Brown, and Black.


 “This twin brush type pen is far more practical to use compared to similar pens with brush-marker nibs that are already being sold in the market,” a spokesperson for Monami stated, adding, “We expect that the launch of our new product will satisfy the desire of brush-type pen users for multiple colors.”








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